The 22nd Century Agorism Approach to Guaranteed Liberty

History has proven repeatedly that the cycle of civilization and decivilization is unstoppable. It always marches forward from monarchism to oligarchism and back despite any attempts to slow it down or reverse it. What ((ALWAYS)) affects the paradigm change is laying the foundations of the next civilization, which always begins with religion. All political regimes are expressions of the dominant religion. That's how every great civilization was born after the previous one degenerated into chaos.

Consider European Christian Monarchism that succeeded Roman Pagan Republicanism and gave us literally all human progress. The religion that monarchism later expressed began hundreds of years before Rome fell. As politics is downstream from culture, so is culture downstream from the dominant religion. Thusly, the rise of Christianity PRECEDED the regime paradigm change from barbaric republicanism to a progressively ((more)) civilized version of monarchism. Thus, it logically follows that the most historically reliable way to affect a change in the current political paradigm WITHOUT engaging in politics is to affect a change in the dominant religion. The change in the dominant religion will precipitate the political paradigm change.

Consider now, the Progressive Era. What goes utterly unmentioned in most right-wing and libertarian circles is that Progressives didn't begin with invading the culture or the state. They began with infecting Christianity (the previous dominant religion). The “social gospel” was the prototype of the Kantian mind virus. It taught that man was perfectible and that the state was Man’s apotheosis. Its regression of “love thy neighbor” taught force over choice, making the unofficial motto of Leftism, “Rape thy neighbor”. Shocker, I know, right? People whose religion is force have a #MeToo rape epidemic in their midst? You don’t say!

The 21st Century so far, has been off to a bang-up start, and it is only going to get worse from here before we can make it better. The dominant religious sect of Progressive Wokeism is the most feral and bloodthirsty American religion since the Aztecs were defeated. What are libertarians to do? Well, step #1 is don’t join the LP. It's not enough to be passively political. We must be actively anti-Leftist. That doesn't mean #LPuNiTy. That shit is actively politically retarded.

Anti-Leftism comes in two forms: actively political (the GOP) and actively apolitical. Since the title of this thread is agorism, we’re going to ignore the formed option. Agorism is the formal name of the actively apolitical route. Agorism seeks to undermine the state and promote liberty through counter-economics and off-grid systems. So far, it has two major technological successes to its name: Bitcoin and 3D-printed firearms. However, tech alone won't save us. By now, hopefully, history has convinced you that religious paradigm shits always precede political paradigm shifts. This presents the greatest opportunity for agorists. Like them, paleo-Christianity styled itself as apolitical. This didn't stop them from being mercilessly persecuted, but it worked out for them in the end.

Since agorists have decided to put their resources towards apolitical efforts, a liberty-reformation of all Christendom is a perfect fit for them. As far as the market for religions goes, no religion is more compatible with the ideals of libertarians, most of which, is a modern knock-off of the “Old Covenant” Ancapistan—a “Hoppean” anarchocovenant. Judeo-Christianity pulled off the one and only ((successful)) Ancapistan to ever exist. That's how compatible it is with liberty. While other stateless societies have existed, none reached the success of the Old Covenant, nor are their histories as well-recorded and preserved like the books of Joshua, Judges, and 1st Samuel are. Together, they boast four times “In those days, there was no king in Israel and every man lived as he saw fit.” Sadly, however, no good thing lasts forever. After repeated bouts of pagan apostasy, invasion, religious revival, and restoration of liberty, the Ancaps of ancient Israel finally gave up on anarchy and went with monarchy. Yes, the cycle of history even held true for the most successful Ancaps in human history.

Judeo-Christianity has already pulled off one libertarian society. And another one is looking pretty good right about now when we’re staring down the NeoFeudal gun barrel of Woke corporate Covidianism. A Christian libertarian revival by any means necessary is exactly the sort of thing we could use right now to stem the bleeding out of what few liberties we have left. If agorists took it upon themselves to shepherd, lobby, and promote this libertarian revival of Christianity, depending on its speed, in a generation, it would NECESSARILY result in a paradigm shift towards liberty that we could all breathe a little easier with. Obviously, we’d still be stuck with a state (but hopefully a less democratic one) for the foreseeable future, but hey, at least it won’t be scanning our credit cards as it loads us onto Amazon boxcars to take us to Drag Queen Story Re-education Camps.

I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather be asked which covenant (not church) I’m a member of than which “vaccine” our corporate overlords have blessed me with. Normally, the process takes centuries, but with the rise of social media and mass-communication technology, it can probably be condensed to only a few decades. Perhaps less. With vigorous support, adopting this “theo-agorism” strategy will have us inhabiting a very real ancapistan by 2,100 AD (the next fourth turning).

How do we accomplish something like this? I don’t know, but it can’t be that hard if the Progressives and the Neocons both pulled it off with ideas that are antithetical to Christianity.